Bukky Obidairo


Bukky Obidairo


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Essex UK

Why I want to be a 2018 Travel Weekly Cover Star
The main reason I wish to be a Cover Star is so that I can experience the brilliance of California! I wish to absorb all it has to offer the beach, city and thrill-seekers alike. I have not been, but I have read loads about the place from its mountains to the forests and coastline; all in an attempt to fill my knowledge gap so I can aid my clients make better decisions. I would like not to always rely on my colleagues' insights in order to do that, hence the reason this opportunity is perfect for me. As a visual person, it provides the chance to gain the experiences first-hand, which will in turn enable me to pass on all the benefits associated with a travel to California on a much better scale! Being a Cover Star is an added bonus. To be showcased as an expert in California travel I believe would take my career as a travel consultant up the next rung by carving a nice niche for me.

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