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Dale MacPherson


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Why I want to be a 2018 Travel Weekly Cover Star
I wish to be a cover star as I believe that as a folically changed (bald) gentleman nearing my 40's and of a dad bod nature, I still have what it takes to make that cover photo shot outstanding! Every morning I wake up and wonder who throughout the day will remind me of my hair problem (although I see it not as a problem and its usually my 4 year old darling daughter "daddy will you ever grow hair" or "daddy remember when you had hair" then usually proceeds by squishing my belly whilst laughing) I want to show her, and my eldest and work colleagues (who refer to me as "oi baldie") that I can still Rock like the Rock, style it up like Statham and be bold like Bruce (Willis) A makeover is in order to bring about this persona and I hope you can help Anyway back to shining my head and grooming my beard (a stereotype but adds depth and hair to my face : ) ) Have a good day and I hope that I have at least brought a smile to your face if nothing more

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