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Kerrie Pinch


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Why I want to be a 2018 Travel Weekly Cover Star
Why I want to be a California cover star : I'm California Dreaming : After 3 years in the travel industry. I am dying to visit the golden state of California and learn more about America and a world famous airline. I ADORE my job and i'm learning so much more every day, yet theirs nothing like hands on experience to gain more knowledge... I have never been to America and i'm so eager to go, nor have i been on a schedule airline. I am at the stage in my career to increase my knowledge of the worldwide adventures on offer... I've been following the Cover stars for the last 3 years and its only now I've picked up courage to apply for my American dream... i'm not sure if ill get the opportunity to take myself and my little boy stateside. So please vote for me, and let me seize my american dream - you wont be disappointed!

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