Kris Roberts


Kris Roberts


Thirsk Travel Centre


Why I want to be a 2018 Travel Weekly Cover Star
All my life I have worked in travel and have a real passion for the industry. USA has always been my weakness and so far I have only managed to visit New York. :-( I have been on a long journey personally, since loosing my mum back in 2003 I gained weight taking me up to 20 stone and then came out of the industry for a while as I suffered a break down believing I wasn't good enough. Since then I have lost almost 1/2 of my body weight and I am fighting strong and back in the industry aiming to be the best. A trip to California would not only benefit my knowledge, but would assist me greatly in helping my clients choose the right destination and itinerary. I believe if you have a dream you fight for it and this will be the beginning of something great for me and everyone concerned. So please vote for me and make my California dreams become a reality!!

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