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Nicola Phillips


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Why I want to be a 2018 Travel Weekly Cover Star
My Name is Nicky and I’m 23 years old. I’d like to be a 2018 Travel Weekly Cover Star as travel is my passion. I’ve been a travel consultant for the last 6 years and I absolutely love my day to day role, Not only do I love speaking to my clients booking holidays and giving my expert advice I like to see the world myself. Over the last few years I’ve been fortunate to see many places through my place of work including; Tunisia, Egypt, Antigua, St Lucia, Thailand, Dubai, Crete, Kefalonia and last month Seychelles. During these trips I completed hotel inspections, explored local cultures and broadened my knowledge to enable me to give the best advice and guidance to my clients. A trip to California would be my dream as America is a part of the world that I have on my bucket list to visit. I’m a girly girl who loves all things fashion, beauty glitz and glamour. Shopping where the Hollywood stars hang out on Rodeo Drive would be amazing. The Hollywood Sign is a landmark that would be a MUST if I was lucky enough to win this trip of a lifetime. It would be an amazing opportunity if I were to win this competition and bring my " California Dreamin' " to life.

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