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Paul Halliwell


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Why I want to be a 2018 Travel Weekly Cover Star
Back in April of this year i had a brain hemorrhage and consider myself very lucky to still be here writing this. When I left hospital i came out with a few things that I never went in with, one of them was a thirst for red wine which I now love and I am now probably keeping a few vineyards in business, another was a weird passion for antiques and anything old, so much so that my partner now throws the parcels at me that keep turning up at the house, and the other thing is just an all round different attitude to life itself, I was always that person who didnt want his picture taken or wouldnt be seen dead getting up and belting out a tune on the kareoke, but all that has changed and life is too short to be worrying about what other people think. So why do i want to be a cover star?.......... why the hell not! The picture is me in hospital looking cool in my sunglasses because the light hurt my eyes

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