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Sarah Williams


Journeys a la Carte


Why I want to be a 2018 Travel Weekly Cover Star
“Open up those ‘Golden Gates’ - California here I come” ! I would LOVE to be able to sing this ! My name is Sarah Williams (39|), am married to Colin and have a teenage son – a job in itself ! I started my career in travel aged 19 - working as an apprentice and for several years worked for a High Street Agency. Six years ago I found my perfect niche - working for Journeys a la Carte. I go round the world “from my desk” every day and have had the opportunity to visit amazing countries ! However, although I have sent many clients to California over the years, I have not yet experienced this exciting destination myself. I always enjoy reading Travel Weekly and would love the opportunity to be a Cover Star I have been taught to “Dream Big” and it doesn't get any bigger than visiting the Golden State of California with Travel Weekly ! Please vote for me and make my dreams come true.

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