Scarlett Olivia Frost


Scarlett Olivia Frost


Colchester Travel


Why I want to be a 2018 Travel Weekly Cover Star
Being new to travel, I am yet to find my niche and feel this is a particular area of interest to me. Having ticked New York off my bucket list earlier this year, it has made me keen to return in order to see what the remainder of the USA has to offer. America is a particularly popular destination at Colchester Travel and for this reason, I feel this opportunity will benefit me, my clients and boost my confidence when selling the USA - in particular California. Back in 2014, I decided to start making music videos of family holidays with a collaboration of clips and a soundtrack. I feel photos and videos are a great way to showcase a particular area you have visited and for this reason, I am comfortable in front of the camera. I would love the opportunity to make a video of this amazing Coverstars experience so please vote for me.

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