Stacey Knapper


Stacey Knapper


Carrick Travel


Why I want to be a 2018 Travel Weekly Cover Star
Having worked in travel since leaving college over 13 years ago - the last 4 of those with Carrick Travel, I have been fortunate to visit some fabulous parts of the world but sadly California isn't one of them....yet! Over the years I have sent so many clients on some of the most amazing 'once in a lifetime' trips to this fabulous part of the USA and so to have the chance to experience the diverse 'Golden' state first hand would be a dream come true and one that will give me memories to last a lifetime I'm sure! I have read Travel Weekly for many years and I'm always interested to see where in the world my fellow travel colleagues have recently visited (and slightly jealous) and so to be featured in this iconic magazine would be a fantastic opportunity!

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