Stephanie Hodge


Stephanie Hodge



Keynsham - Bristok

Why I want to be a 2018 Travel Weekly Cover Star
There are many reasons id like to become a Cover Star. 1. Have never been anywhere Long Haul bar Florida and las vegas and as well for my own personal experience i feel it will help me sell California better to my customers. As there is more to it that meets the eye from what people have told me but i dont know for myself. 2. I need a make over badly (haha) 3. To take part in somthing so prestigious such as the cover stars trip and photoshot would be an amazing once in a life time experience. 4. As someone who is 'plus size' (size 18) its good to show that it doesnt matter who/what size you are if you work hard enough you can make it. 5. I love working for TUI but we dont get the oppurtunities to see destinations like this.

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