Thomas Murphy


Thomas Murphy


Ascot Travel House

Ascot, Berkshire

Why I want to be a 2018 Travel Weekly Cover Star
Please meet our Tom, he has no idea That we have entered him in Cover Stars this year! We love him to bits and would love him to win When it comes to travelling, it’s so his thing! What he needs is a trip away To the US state of Californ-I-A Travel Weekly, please make his dreams come true Make him a Cover Star, don’t make him feel blue Whisk him away to the Golden State Show him the sights, make him feel great Amazing new experiences, meeting new friends On this trip of a lifetime, he won’t want it to end Fantastic with our customers, he’s got the magic touch He’s always busy working and doesn’t get out much! Forever playing pranks in the office on our team Give us a break! Send him to live the California Dream! Vote for Tom, he won’t let you down He is fun and energetic, but dresses like a clown! From San Francisco to L.A Help him win and make his day!

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